Big Announcement: Bangladesh 2014

bangladesh map


We are excited to announce a Missions Trip this summer, July 9-19, where we will travel to The Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. While there we will visit colleges and high schools to play music, make new friends and share about our faith in Jesus. The leadership of a network of churches have invited us to come and to share American youth culture in a redemptive way. A group of us from Northpark Community Church and Peoples Church will comprise the team.

Bangladesh (pop. 155 million) is only .5 percent Christian, and most followers of Christ are legally forbidden to publicly share about their faith. As guests and cultural ambassadors, we will have an opportunity to use our platform in a way that the national churches cannot. As activists and advocates fighting against extreme poverty and modern day slavery, we are also very interested in an opportunity to witness the growing manufacturing economy of this wonderful country and hope to see how reforms on child labor are progressing. For more information on how you can be involved in supporting us through prayer, finances, and awareness, email Bekah, or Ryan,